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Marla and Mitch are Songwriters, looking for voices.  Married for 41 years now, they write in a wide variety of genres, from Pop to R&B/Jazz, Dance to Rock.   

Marla comes from a family of musicians from the big band era.  Her Mother, L’Ana Webster, was a prominent Woman of Jazz of her time, leading a successful band in her name playing tenor sax.  Her Dad, Mark Hyams, was a prominent keyboard player and arranger with the Hudson - DeLange Orchestra.  Mark’s sister, Marjorie Hyams, played vibes with the Woody Herman Orchestra, and has been credited with creating the sound of the George Shearing Quintet. 

Mitch has been writing songs off and on for most of his life.  He has studied with Lou Stallman (“It’s Gonna Take a Miracle”, “Round and Round”) and worked on studio demos with Mike Mandel (Jack Bruce and Friends Band).  His dream was to work hard and one day retire to be able to devote a full time effort to his songwriting.  In 2011 that day came, and Marla and Mitch embarked on a songwriting collaboration that has begun to flourish.  Over the past four years they have put together a home studio where they are discovering their style.  Their songs are filled with stories of life.  With the help of some amazingly talented Artists and Producers, including Rick Chudacoff, Jason Garner, Dan Jenks, Mike Mandel, Kim Keyes, Mercy Stevens, Lorraine Ferro and Jason Eustice, among others, their dream is starting to unfold. 

Marla and Mitch are both members of BMI.  Marla’s musical influences include such varied artists as Miles Davis, Bill Evans, Ella Fitzgerald, Santana, Jimi Hendrix and The Dave Matthews Band.  From her years of studying ballet and modern dance she also has developed a love of classical music.  Mitch’s musical influences include The Beatles, The Doors, The Rolling Stones, Cream, Harry Nilsson, Jimmy Webb, Al Kooper and Crosby, Stills and Nash. 


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