a dream

sometimes you see something off in the distance that looks so far away... reaching it will take so long... and you dream, taking baby steps, sometimes falling backwards a bit, but never loosing focus... and you dream, visualizing something that is only in your mind at the time... then, all at once, it explodes open showing itself...

our new website is that dream for me, and yesterday when it posted online a cloud appeared and took us on a journey that has just begun... to everyone i say keep your dreams alive, take baby steps if you have to, but don't loose focus of those dreams, it is why you work so hard in life doing so many things you may wish you didn't have to... you have to, and it is worth it as long as your dreams are with you getting closer to becoming reality...

and i cannot forget to thank everyone in our lives for being part of our lives, you have made this dream a reality as much as we have, and we will never forget that... thanks for listening... and feel free to leave a post on our blog page... Mitch

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