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            In the Dark  © Gastone Sandri, Marla and Mitch Cantor       


    They tell me, we can’t be

    We must leave, love aside

    Now we hide, that sweet side

    Be careful, be quiet

    Be grateful, kiss me “In The Dark“


    We both know, we will go

    Oh so far, be high or low

    To find time, for this love

    Be careful, be quiet

    Be grateful, I kiss you “In The Dark” 


    Different sides we may come from

    With us there’s no divide

    We share the things that matter

    Wishing that we didn’t hide


    One day soon, we will be

    For always, these hearts free

    Until then, we must still

    Be careful, be quiet

    Come kiss me “In The Dark”


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            For Now  © Gastone Sandri, Marla and Mitch Cantor                       


    Alone again

    I saw you walk in so close to me

    If only I could meet you

    A chance we would have but

    I have no time for new love

    You see it’s 


    My heart, my heart

    He left it broken and hurting so

    And flirting makes it hurt more

    So I must say no

    Before you even try


    You look so handsome (pretty)

    It reminds me how love used to feel

    And when I was in love how happy

    That I used to be


    “For Now”, “For Now”

    Oh I can dream about loving you

    And what harm could it do

    Just to dream

    Just to dream about you


                (sax solo)


    I see you looking

    Pretending not to see you smiling

    No longer can I hide my feelings

    I want your healing


    “For Now”, “For Now”

    Come make me fly and be close to me                   

    As it is meant to be

    For at least

    At least it is “For Now”  

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