We met Gastone Sandri in 2013...  Gastone is an accomplished musician, writer and arranger who resides In Venice, Italy, with a catalogue of beautiful songs, all written and sung in Italian... Gastone, Marla and Mitch embarked on a collaboration with Gastone writing the music and Marla and Mitch the lyrics... "For Now", our first song completion, was originally a song Gastone wrote, in Italian, called "Perque"... Marla and Mitch rewrote the lyrics to become a new song "For Now"...

A second song of Gastone's, "In Una Stanza Buia", Marla and Mitch rewrote those lyrics to become "In The Dark"...  we will have other songs posting from this collaboration... we do hope you enjoy them...

Francesca Viaro is an extremely talented vocalist that has worked extensively with Gastone... Francesca recorded the original "Perque" and "In Una Stanza Buia" and has honored us to sing "For Now" and "In The Dark" as well... we thank Francesca for her beautiful vocal interpretations...

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