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Francesca Viaro
Music Gastone Sandri - Lyrics Marla and Mitch Cantor



        In the Dark  © Gastone Sandri, Marla and Mitch Cantor       


They tell me, we can’t be

We must leave, love aside

Now we hide, that sweet side

Be careful, be quiet

Be grateful, kiss me “In The Dark“


We both know, we will go

Oh so far, be high or low

To find time, for this love

Be careful, be quiet

Be grateful, I kiss you “In The Dark” 


Different sides we may come from

With us there’s no divide

We share the things that matter

Wishing that we didn’t hide


One day soon, we will be

For always, these hearts free

Until then, we must still

Be careful, be quiet

Come kiss me “In The Dark”


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