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We express ourselves as songwriters 

We are looking for creative artists to work with

To find new grooves and production levels

If you find something you connect with

and would like to work on a demo

feel free to contact us

We hope you enjoy what you hear


 Special thanks to Rick Chudacoff

Nashville Tennessee

for his amazing guidance

and great demos on "Come With Me", "Can't Let Go",

"These Broken Wings", "What Might Have Been",

"Blessing In Disguise", "About Her", "You Came Back",

"Infatuated", "Take Flight Amanda",

 "Keep On Tryin'", "In The Slumber Of The Night",

"Seasons Of My Heart","Drifted Away",

"You Are The One", "Maybe Next Time",

"Make Her Mine", "Allow Love To Begin", 

"Heart On My Sleeve","My Star", "Let's Get Happy",

"Learning Without You", "Don't Go Away",

"Bring A Song" and "The Next Mountain"


Special thanks to Jason Garner Productions

Nashville Tennessee

for his great demos on "We Collide",

"Time To Love Only You", "Let Me Be Your Fantasy",

"Clear The Deck", "The New Boy", 

"With A Confident Roar", "A Song Just Comes To Life",

"She Dreams About Jack Nicholson",

"Can't Erase Our Dreams", "Make Me Your Fantasy",

and "Lightning Is Striking Tonight" 


Special thanks to Dan Jenks

Livingston, New Jersey

and Mike Mandel

New York, New York

for their many great demo productions


Special thanks to Kim Copeland Productions

Nashville Tennessee

for all her help and wonderful demo productions

including "Look At Me Now", "You Just Never Know",

"Who You Can Become", "Hot Summer Day",

"People Say", "Seek And You Shall Find"

and "Move With Time" 


 Special thanks to Larry "El Capitan" Kessler

Coral Springs Florida

for his wonderful keyboard and track on "I Woke Up"


Mitch Cantor                    Marla Cantor 

516-729-7508                 516-729-2005


(c) 2018 Marla and Mitch Cantor

All Rights Reserved

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