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Mitch Cantor
Mitch & Marla Cantor



        Change It Up  © Mitch & Marla Cantor


Awoke today to another victim of crime

All because his race was different than mine

Sad to say this happens, all of the time


            “Change It Up”

            Gotta “Change It Up”

            We can “Change It Up”


The papers say he was a criminal a threat to us all

The people say that knew him those stories are wrong

My heart bleeds for justice when justice is lost


            “Change It Up”

            Gotta “Change It Up”

            We can “Change It Up”


                        Bigotry throughout religions

                        Discrimination because of our sex

                        Injustice for the color of our skins

                        I’m tired of this


In a another minute my song will be through

And for the most part no one remembers you

But if in this case even a few


            “Change It Up”

            Gotta “Change It Up”

            We can “Change It Up”

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