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Mitch Cantor
Mitch and Marla Cantor



        Clear The Deck  © Mitch and Marla Cantor


I collected boys / girls                        

Like charms on a bracelet

They gave me toys / Promised them the world

To see what (how far) they could get / To see what (how far) I could get

    In every town that I would play

    I kept a few tucked away

        But now I want to “Clear The Deck”


The one night stands

In all those hotel rooms

A pair of roaming hands

Would just have to do

    Satisfaction for the night

    Hard to break habits hold tight

        But now I want to “Clear The Deck”


            Everyone told me that I would never settle down

            But when you hold me you turn my world around

            And now I want to “Clear The Deck”


My bodies aching

To be touched

My soul awakens

And my heart erupts

    Exploding deep inside of me

    Creating molten energy

        For you I want to “Clear The Deck”