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Marla Cantor and Mitch Cantor



            FALLING IN LOVE AGAIN  (C) Marla Cantor & Mitch Cantor


I saw you this morning

With a smile on your face

It brought me back

To a special place

          And I remembered

          How it used to feel

                    And I'm "Falling In Love Again"

                    Yes we're "Falling In Love Again"

                    With you my best friend

                    I am "Falling In Love Again"


Life has it's ups and downs

Working through things can get tough

In those moments when all seems lost

And you think you've had enough

          Just remember

          How it used to feel

                    And start "Falling In Love Again"

                    Yes start "Falling In Love Again"

                    With your best friend

                    Start "Falling In Love Again"


          What we built out of time

          Carving memories through our life

          Can never be taken away

          In my arms you will stay

                    As we're "Falling In Love Again"

                    Yes we're "Falling In Love Again"

                    Best friends

                    We are "Falling In Love Again"




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