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Mitch Cantor
Marla Cantor and Mitch Cantor



This Lady In My Bed  © Marla Cantor and Mitch Cantor                                           2


“This Lady In My Bed”

Has gotten in my head

My mind she has read

She knows me


This Lady in my arms

When darkness brings the stars

Can catch one shooting far

And really love me, she really loves me, oh how she loves me now


This lady in my soul

Her fire can explode

Chameleons unfold

She wants me


This Lady in my heart

Her kindness is a part

Treats others with regard

She shows me, she really shows me, oh how she shows me now


            And she takes me away

            I gladly obey

            With Lady I stay


This lady in my life

Her glow my guiding light

We comfort through the night

She needs me


This lady in my dreams

She’s everything it seems

No one luckier than me

She makes me, she really makes me, oh how she makes me, she really makes me now


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