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Jason Eustice
Marla and Mitch Cantor



        Bring A Song © Marla and Mitch Cantor 


“Bring a Song”, sing along

Pick a pocket or pocket a pick, and strum that wooden guitar

Take the back seat on the bus, and ride till you’ve gone too far


Then “Bring a Song” all day long                                         

“Bring a Song” sing along                                                               

Superman wears silly tights, Goliath felled by a stone

Don’t take Sampson to the barber shop, or Hercules off his thrown


Just “Bring a Song”, it’ll make you strong

“Bring a Song”, sing along

Words wound around those melodies, that speak out to the soul      

Can teach this world of ours listening, the true meaning of love and the power of rock and roll


So “Bring a Song”, sing along                                                                      

“Bring a Song”, all day long 

Flying cars like shooting stars, a drive-in in the sky

Take your lover out to the show, and make out in that ‘55


And “Bring a Song”, tug it along

“Bring a Song”, it’ll make you strong, all day long

“Bring a Song”, a new day dawns, change what’s going on

“Bring a Song”, bring it along, don’t take too long                

So  “Bring a Song”, sing along

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