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Marcia Ware
Mitch and Marla Cantor



        Drifted Away  © Mitch and Marla Cantor


It’s been a while, since I said

I need you

Where have, all the years

Taken us to


            I know, in my heart, I still love you

            But passions fade, as we “Drifted Away”


Temptations come, knocking at my door

I resist

Caught between, a stranger’s lust

And your kiss


            It’s so hard, struggling on, ‘cause I love you

            Passions fade, as we “Drifted Away”


                        “Drifted Away” ever so slowly

                        Now I realize

                        I can still see how you’re perfect for me

                        When I look into your eyes


Cold wind blows, through my empty soul

Missing you

Burning match, to ignite desires

We once knew


            I know in my heart I still love you

            But passions fade, we just “Drifted Away”