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Lorraine Ferro
Marla Cantor and Mitch Cantor



        Fineline  © Marla Cantor and Mitch Cantor


On a “Fineline” we share our love

Like a fragile piece of string

When we get so close that our souls touch

It strengthens from within

If we hold each other so tight

We can make it through one more night


      On a “Fineline”

      Side by side on a very “Fineline”


Oh I love you so sometimes too much though

I forget to give and take

And this tender bond that we share love on

Like shattered glass can breatk

So baby won’t you please forgive me

When I’m acting selfishly


      It’s a “Fineline”

      Side by side on a very “Fineline”


If we pull too far

We’ll snap this golden thread

But connecting heart to heart

Will make it last instead


So baby won’t you reach out to me

And we can go on endlessly


      On a “Fine Line”

      Side by side on a very “Fineline”


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